Ruskington Events was set up to organise and manage events in and around the Ruskington area. Exhibitors can find information about current and upcoming events including dates, timings, costs and how to apply. 

Events currently include the monthly Ruskington Farmer & Craft Market, and the yearly Ruskington Winter Market


If you'd like to exhibit at an event please fill out the relevant forms below

About me

Vicky is a small business owner in Ruskington, she runs Wagalot & Woof which was born in the summer of 2021, she spends most of her time at markets around Lincolnshire and wanted something closer to home. This is when Ruskington Events came into being, she currently organises the Ruskington Farmer & Craft Market at the Village Hall and the Ruskington Winter Market in the centre of the village. 


Current and past exhibitors include


If you have any queries or questions please email me at